Ballot Question

Animal Shelter

Ballot Question:


An issue of bonds of the City of Springdale in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $5,645,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs of new, or improvements to existing, facilities for the City's animal shelter, including necessary furniture, fixtures, land acquisition and parking improvements therefor, professional fees related to any of the foregoing, the establishment of reserves, and bond issuance and any credit enhancement costs, and, in order to pay the bonds, the levy and pledge of a new 1% local sales and use tax within the City that will expire after the bonds have been paid or provision is made therefor in accordance with Arkansas statutes.




The population of our city is rapidly growing and with more people come more animals. Our current facility is ill equipped to handle more animals than we currently house. Poor ventilation, plumbing issues, and small living spaces spread diseases quickly in our large population of animals. Visitors to our shelter often have trouble finding a place to park and find the layout of our dog room (in particular) to be overwhelming. There is also little outside space to take animals for walks or to interact with them. In our current location, we do not have room to expand our facility and are looking at different areas of the city where we can relocate.

A centrally located, convenient, and high-traffic area will help bring in visitors to assist with adoptions and reclamations of our animals. If given the opportunity to relocate and expand, our new facility will be more hospitable to animals and visitors alike. It will aide us in our mission to provide the best quality of care possible to the animals that find their way to our shelter. More segregated areas to house sick or injured pets, as well as upgraded living quarters and infrastructure, will enable us to improve the quality of life for the animals while they're waiting for a family. We will be able to better control disease outbreaks and provide even more services to our human residents than are currently possible. We look forward to making our shelter a place that all Springdale residents can be proud of.

Note: The "1% Sales and Use Tax" at the end of each ballot item is not a tax increase. It is an authorization to continue the current 1% sales and use tax that was levied in 2003 and continued in 2006 as approved by Springdale voters.