Hiring Officers for Special Events

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Thank you for your interest in hiring off-duty officers to make your event safe. Officers with the Springdale Police Department are available to work security or traffic control at your business or special event. The Springdale Police Department Services Division will be designated as a liaison between your business and the Springdale Police Department to coordinate the needs of your business/event and fulfill the requirements of the City. The Springdale Police Department will customize a security plan to provide quality and superior service for your event. The information in this document is to inform you of the officer's scope of authority as it pertains to your business. Listed below are some of the guidelines the officers working off-duty are expected to follow in regard to private off duty employment

The following questions are commonly asked regarding requests for Springdale Police Extra-Duty Officers:

Q: Does the Springdale Police Department allow its officers to work extra-duty jobs?
​A: Yes, as long as the officers are approved through their Chain of Command.

Q: What types of jobs are Springdale Police Officers available to work?
​A: Officers can be hired to work various security jobs and traffic control. All requests must be approved by the Department on an individual basis.

​Q: How do I know if an extra-duty officer is right for my specific need?
​A: Contacting the Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator is the best way to determine if an extra-duty officer is right for your specific situation. The Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator can be reached at 479-756-8200 Ext. 2728 or by email at ejaro@springdalear.gov.

Q: What is an Extra-Duty Coordinator?
​A: An Extra-Duty Coordinator is an authorized Springdale Officer given the responsibility to staff needed positions for the business/vendor or citizen. They are responsible for billing and negotiating the cost for officers with businesses or citizens and also maintain the records required by the Department.

Q: How much does it cost to hire an Extra-Duty officer?
​A: Each job is invoiced at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

Q: How many officers will I need for my event?
​A: It will depend on the type of event and how many people will be in attendance and if there is alcohol present at the event.

Q: Can I request a Marked Patrol Vehicle to be used for my off-duty job request?
​A: Yes. The City of Springdale can provide a marked patrol vehicle at no additional cost.

​Q: Can I obtain an invoice, contract or do billing through the Springdale Police Department?
​A: Yes. The Springdale Police Department will invoice and contract all Extra-Duty jobs.  The Extra-Duty Coordinator will provide you with an invoice. The invoice will be taken to the City of Springdale City Clerks Office for payment. The officer will be paid in accordance with the Springdale Police Department policies for pay. 

Q: What information do I need to get the process started?                                                                 

A: To start the process you will need to provide the following information to the Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator:

•Date(s) officers are needed
​•Hours officers are needed
​•Business name if it applies
​•Full mailing address
​•Phone number
​•Location address where officers are needed
​•Number of peak attendees if a security event
​•Number of officers requested
​•Will alcohol be served?
​•Any other information important to the job request

The first step is to contact the Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator. After providing information for the job, approvals by the Department are obtained before the job is assigned a coordinator and the job can be worked.

Q: Now that I am ready to hire extra-duty officers, who do I contact?
​A: Call the Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator at 479-756-8200 Ext. 2728 for assistance or send an email to: ejaro@springdalear.gov

Q: What do I do if I am calling on a holiday, weekend, or after hours and I need an extra-duty officer in an emergency?
​A: You would call the Springdale Police Information Desk at 479-756-8200 for assistance

If, you have additional comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the officers or their responsibilities please call or email the Springdale Police Departments Extra-Duty Jobs Coordinator:

​Springdale Police Department
​Services Division
​201 Spring St.
​​Springdale, Arkansas 72764
(479) 756-8200 ext. 2728

Application for Hiring SPD for Special Events here