Storage Facility / Machinery

Storage Facility

In 2014 the Public Works Department constructed a salt storage and liquid material storage facility. The facility is located at 1803 Lowell Road next to the Public Works main campus. The salt storage building holds 1,000 tons of road salt and the liquid storage tanks hold 6,500 gallons of beet juice and 6,500 gallons of magnesium chloride (Freeze Guard).


Also, in 2014 the Public Works Department upgraded our fleet of material spreaders and snow plows. Currently we have 6 salt spreader trucks and 8 snow plows 4 of which are "belly plows" or under body scrapers.

Tracking Devices

The spreader trucks and snow plows are equipped with vehicle tracking devices to insure that all of our pre-treatment routes are documented as treated and plowed in a timely manner as accumulations warrant.We usually start plowing when accumulations reach 2-3 inches of snow. The vehicle tracking devices also provide a measure of safety for the vehicle operators if they have any trouble. We know where they are in the City at all times.