No Soliciting

To request a No Soliciting / No Peddling sticker to be mailed to you call the City Clerk's Office at 479-750-8118 or complete the No Soliciting form.

No Soliciting Yard Signs are also available for purchase in the City Clerk's office for $5.00.

Requirements by City for Peddler/Solicitor: To see who is exempt, please click the "EXEMPTIONS" link below.
  • $5.00 Fee (Non-Refundable) 
  • Criminal Background check from Arkansas State Police- contact numbers (479) 751-6663 or 
  • Photo Identification Visible to Public (provided by Principal company) 
  • Copy of Ordinance 4585 to be carried when soliciting in Springdale, Arkansas 
  • Copy of their Permit issued by the City Clerk on their person. Residents may request to see copy, which must be presented if requested.
For more information, please see Sec. 82-1 of our Ordinances.