Filing Charges

If you desire to file a misdemeanor criminal charge against another person for a crime which was committed in Springdale, you should first contact the Springdale Police Department and make a report. After making a report, you should present yourself to the Springdale City Attorney's Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (the City Attorney's Office is closed on City holidays and Saturdays and Sundays). Of course, if a person is in immediate danger, they should contact 911, or contact the Springdale Police Department.

No Report is Required With the Police Department for the Following Violations of Arkansas State Law

  • Violation of Arkansas Hot Check Law;
  • Failure to pay rent / refusal to vacate;
  • Violation of school attendance law by a parent or guardian

No Formal Report for City Ordinance Violation

It is also not usually necessary to file a formal report with the Police Department on a city ordinance violation. However, it is necessary that a report be filed any time injury results to a person because of a city ordinance violation. Ordinance violations pertaining to traffic on the highway or involving animals are enforced by the Springdale Police Department, whose phone number is 479-756-8200. Ordinance violations not pertaining to traffic on the highway or animals are investigated by the Code Enforcement Division of the Building Inspection Department, and their phone number is 479-750-8154. Ordinance violations pertaining to animals are enforced by Springdale Animal Services, whose phone number is 479-750-8166. If you should have any other questions about filing charges, contact the City Attorney's Office at 479-750-8173.