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  1. Bond Program Daily Log
  2. Grading Permit Submission

    For Stormwater Dischargers caused by Construction Activity 0.5 Acres or more to be authorized under City of Springdale Chapter 107... More…

  1. Elevation Certificate Submission

    Form for the submission of completed elevation certificates.


  1. Request for 911 Address Assignment

    Allows citizens to submit a request and the required information for the assignment of a 911 address.

  1. Request for Address Verification

    Complete the form below to request an address verification.

Police Department

  1. Child Safety Seat Request
  2. Extra Patrol Request

    If you feel that you need extra Police presence in your area due to excessive speeding, suspicious activity, recent break-ins or other... More…

  3. Police Records Request (FOIA)

    Request Police Records

  1. Event Permit Application

    This application must be approved for any parade, run event, group demonstration or other miscellaneous event that will take place on a... More…

  2. Hire Off Duty SPD Officers

    Thank you for your interest in hiring off-duty officers to make your event safe. Officers with the Springdale Police Department are... More…

  3. Property Release Request

    An SPD Property/Evidence Room Employee will contact you when the property is ready and arrange a time for you to pick up the property... More…