Swim Lessons


Registration for swim lessons at the Springdale Aquatic Center will open May 1st. Links will be active at that time.

Register Here:

Parent Infant Session 1

Parent Infant Session 2

Parent Infant Session 3

Parent Infant Session 4

First day of class is an assessment and instructors will be move kids accordingly to the appropriate level (For level 1-2 and 3-4)

Level 1-2

Level 1-2 Session 1

Level 1-2 Session 2

Level 1-2 Session 3

Level 1-2 Session 4

Level 3-4

Level 3-4 Session 1

Level 3-4 Session 2

Level 3-4 Session 3

Level 3-4 Session 4


We offer:

Level 1: Introduction to Water: Orientation to the water that includes basic water safety, putting face in the water, bubble blowing, going under water for 10 seconds and beginning floating skills

Level 2: Beginning swimming:  Builds on basic water and safety skills learned in level 1:  Additional skills include floating on front and back for 5+ seconds, flutter kicks, arm strokes, jumping into deep water

Level 3: Swimming refinements:  Builds on skills learned in level 2:  Additional skills covered are swimming front-crawl and back-crawl for 10+ yards, survival floating, elementary backstroke, diving from the side of the pool.

Level 4: Swimming fitness and Beginning Lifeguard skills:  Builds on skills learned in level 3: plus swimming front-crawl, back-crawl, and elementary backstroke a minimum of 25 yards, breaststroke, diving off the diving board, treading water, retrieving objects from a depth.

Lessons are 30 minutes long for levels 1-2, 45 minutes long for levels 3-4 and run in two-week increments Monday-Thursday with Fridays reserved for weather related makeups.  


Session 1 - June 3th- 14th

Session 2 - June 17th-28th

Session 3 - July 8th – 19th

Session 4 - July 22nd-August 2rd

$50 for 2 week blocks 

Monday-Thursday with Friday reserved for make ups