Youth Council Program Guide

Before applying for the Springdale Youth Council, please be sure to read the Program Guide below and the Bylaws.

If you have any questions about this program, please email or call the Mayor's Office at 750-8114.

Youth Council Class of 2019 Schedule:

  1.  Tours
  2. Introduction
  3. Education & Recreation
  4. Political Participation
  5. City Government
  6. Economic Development
  7. Public Safety
  8. Public Safety
  9. Event, Presentation & Graduation
Tours run from 5:30-7:15 p.m.

Tour 1 - Sept. 27

Downtown Produce Tour
Downtown Springdale Alliance

Tour 2 - Oct. 25

Shiloh Museum
Public Works
Animal Shelter

Tour 3 - Nov. 29

Housing Authority
Municipal Airport
Senior Center

During the course of the program, the Youth Council will have six essential duties:

Group Presentation: Research an issue that affects youths in our community and present the problem and potential solutions to City Council.

Group Event: Plan and execute one event to engage other young people in a topic of the Youth Council’s choosing.

Individual Community Service: Complete at least four hours of volunteering for the benefit of the community or a City department.

Individual Job Shadow: Each participant will select a City department or a department within a county, state or federal government office to job shadow for at least four hours.

Individual Mentorship: City Council members and the Mayor will be responsible for mentoring two students. Youth Council members will remain in contact with their mentor throughout the year. Should a City Council member be unavailable or unwilling to participate in the mentorship aspect of this program, a City staff member or another elected official will take over those duties.

Individual Program Evaluation: At the conclusion of the program, Youth Council members will complete a program evaluation to help the City determine changes that need to be made to the program going forward.