Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not just for individuals that live in the floodplain.

Residents that live outside of the floodplain are known as Zone X, Zone B, or Zone C properties, and are typically eligible for lower rates of flood insurance. Renters policies start at less than $10 per month for $20,000 structural and $8,000 content coverage, and are available for property owners covering all the way up to $250,000 structural and $100,000 content coverage for around $40 per month. It is encouraged that all renters and owners in Springdale contact their preferred homeowner's insurance company and inquire about a quote. Note that new policies take at least 30 days for coverage to begin to get your home and/or contents covered for flooding. Flood damage is when water from a neighboring property or right-of-way crosses the property line, at the surface, and causes damage to structures and/or contents. It is not usually covered on homeowners or renters insurance. Call your insurance company today or call 1-800-427-2419 or visit http://floodsmart.gov/residential for more information. See this FloodSmart Preferred Risk Plan Brochure now to see what policies will be available, including the price of those policies. Note that prices may have slightly changed in 2017, so feel free to request a 'Preferred Risk Plan' quote from your preferred insurance provider.

Preferred Risk Policy

Insurance companies participating in the Mortgage Portfolio Protection Program (MPPP)