About Springdale

The City of Springdale is a diverse and friendly community. As the fourth-largest city in the state of Arkansas, Springdale has almost 80,000 residents and is located in Washington and Benton counties in the northwest corner of the state at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.


The city now known as Springdale started as a small settlement established in 1840. The town became officially incorporated as Springdale on April 1, 1878.

To read the exciting history of Springdale, please check out the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History.

Springdale Fast Facts

  • Springdale is 42 square miles with more than 900 lane miles
  • The largest Marshallese population in the contiguous United States resides in Springdale.
  • More than 40 languages are spoken at Springdale Public Schools.
  • Springdale has the second-largest school district in the state.

National Rankings

  • 58th best place to live in America, according to Money Magazine. (2017)
  • 8th fastest growing small city in the country (among cities with fewer than 100,000 residents) according to WalletHub. (2016)
  • 23rd best overall economy, according to WalletHub. (2016)
  • 24th best city in the country for new graduates, according to Good Call. (2016)
  • 35th most diverse city in the country overall, and 18th most diverse among cities with fewer than 100,000 residents, according to WalletHub. (2016)

Municipal Government

Click here to learn about the Springdale Municipal Government.