Community Education

Community Education Programs are primarily delivered by the Fire Prevention Division. These programs are developed based on community needs, analysis of trend behaviors, and established programs that positively impact the community. Fire and life safety enhancement is the primary objective of each program. The following are programs administered and delivered by the Fire Prevention Division.
  1. Citizen Fire Academy
  2. Portable Extinguisher Training
  3. Fire Prevention Week
  4. Junior Fire Marshal Program
  5. Win-A-Ride Program
  6. Fire Safety House
  7. Smoke Alarm Program

Program Details

An eight week education program delivered each spring at the Springdale Fire Department. This program is designed to provide the Citizens of Springdale with basic knowledge in areas of:
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Behavior
  • Fire Education
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Prevention

Increase Awareness

This program serves to increase awareness of the Springdale Fire Department to members of the community, while allowing citizens a better understanding of the departments operations. Each week, selected SFD personnel deliver a lecture to the class at Station 1.